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40 Ways to Fast

Updated: Feb 24

Lent is characterized by prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Fasting is something that we know we should do but sometimes wonder about its value. Fasting is helpful because it helps us focus on what is most essential.

Sometimes we focus too much on simply "giving something up." Now, I see the value but think that it can be made more valuable if we fast from some bad habit. Then, we take advantage of Lent to get rid of something that is doing us harm.

So, I would propose to really try to fast from something that is hurting you - physically, emotionally, morally, or spiritually. Or maybe, you should stop doing something where you are hurting others. Sometimes, we reduce fasting to a very limited arena of eating and drinking. I have come up with forty ways we can fast this Lent. Not all will be for everybody, but they can be an idea-starter if you are trying to figure out what to do for Lent. I like to integrate elements of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving into my own Lenten program. This gives you some ideas about fasting, at least.

Links to the videos are at the bottom. Here are the two Youtube links and then the list of forty things you can fast from during Lent.

Youtube channel in English

Youtube channel in Spanish

1. Food - fasting as a Catholic on Ash Wednesday

2. Bad words

3. Speaking ill of others

4. Bad thoughts about others

5. Social media

6. Sweets

7. Scrolling mindlessly

8. Not reading - READ

9. Making mean comments

10. Being inconsiderate while driving

11. Thinking ill of others

12. Worldly music

13. All music - Silence is GOLDEN

14. Political news - Less is MORE

15. Gas - walk or ride the bus

16. Couch - don’t lounge around during the day

17. Impure images - Should be always

18. Impure conversations

19. Inappropriate jokes

20. Complaining

21. Negative comments about myself

22. Comparing myself with others

23. Phone use

24. Computer use

25. Netflix

26. Annoying my siblings

27. Disobeying my parents

28. Speeding

29. Impure thoughts

30. Messy room

31. Hurtful speech

32. Soda

33. Sugar in my coffee

34. Coffee

35. Milk

36. Gluten

37. Red meat

38. Fast food

39. Arriving late

40. Distracted driving

What other ways can you fast during Lent? Leave me a comment.

Forty Ways to Fast Videos


  1. Ash Wednesday

  2. Bad Words


  1. Miércoles de Ceniza

  2. Malas palabras

How to Meaningfully Observe Lent

Overcoming Confession Anxiety Video in English

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