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When we are feeling low...

We all feel bad sometimes. We all face failure sometimes. When Peter had his miraculous catch of fish, he was at one of his low moments. He was tired. He was fatigued. He was probably even embarrassed. After all, here was this great fisherman who was about to return empty-handed after a full night of fishing. Yet something in Christ's voice inspired just enough hope in him that he was willing to try one last time.

Dealing with sadness

Sadness is one of the basic human emotions, characterized by low mood and feeling unhappy. It can take away our motivation to do anything. That does not mean, however, that we are supposed to just give in to sadness. It is an authentic human emotion, but we always have the option of ruling our emotions with our reason. It does not mean that we will stop feeling, but that we will base our actions on what we decide, not just what we feel.

One more time

Peter has a little gas left in the tank. Although he is tired and unmotivated, something about Jesus has captivated him. He wants to obey. He wants to find out what listening to this carpenter-preacher from Nazareth will do for his life. Maybe Peter had some inkling of a completely different future on the horizon. He was generous and brave when he struck out for deeper waters.

I will lower the nets

Peter knows how to fish. He also knows that he cannot cause the fish to come. Just like the farmer who plants and waters, he is dependent on God to make the crops grow or to make the fish come and get into the net. Christ's command turns out to be the beginning of an entirely new life for Peter.

Something similar can happen in our own lives. When we are constantly looking for ourselves, we become tired and sad. Things don't go our way. But then, Jesus appears and invites us to an entirely new lifestyle. We have the chance to take his hand and start over. Throw your nets out with Jesus, and you will be surprised at what you will be able to catch.

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