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Who is this guy?

Lk. 9:7-9

Herod has tremendous realism. He is curious about Jesus and wants to find out who the famous preacher is who is causing such a stir. When his advisers start to talk about Elijah and the other prophets, he knows this is a terrible explanation. He wants to figure it out. He wants to find the truth.

In another passage of the Gospel, when Jesus is beginning to suffer his Passion, we will see Pilate ask Jesus about the truth. Herod and Pilate have in common that although curious for the truth, they are willing to compromise the truth and any right sense of values for expediency. In the end, they just want to stay in power.

He keeps trying to see him. We all should look for Jesus. But we should not reduce him to an attraction or a distraction. Herod sees Jesus as an attraction, something to pass the time. He sees him as a distraction, the same way we might see a video game or fiddle around on our cell phones. Is that what Jesus is for us? Do we treat him as something more or less interesting to pass the time? Or are we ready to place him in the center of our lives, somebody who is going to change our entire way of looking at the world?

Today is an opportunity to readjust the way we look at Jesus. We try to build a personal relationship with him. We do this through daily time dedicated to personal prayer. Take five minutes to place Jesus really in the center of your life. Don’t get distracted like Herod. Love him like the Blessed Mother and the Disciples did.

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