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Will Formation

There are few things that are more helpful than formation of the will. So many aspects of our lives become more difficult when our will is weak. In the human soul, there are two spiritual faculties: intellect and will.

The intellect is meant to look for and recognize the truth. The brain is its principal material agent. The will resides in the soul and determines what is good and decides to attain the good.

We live in a world that has many threats to a strong will. Comfort-seeking destroys willpower. They say that in the formation of a young person, “a little bit of cold and a little bit of hunger go a long way.” Why is that? Discomfort caused by cold or hunger help the young person who has to form his character. He is not complaining about minor inconveniences. This helps so that when he does have to suffer, he can react appropriately.

If it is hard for you to get up in the morning, study, work, play without taking a break; it may be that you have the problem of a weak will. It is time to change and seek how to form an iron will.

You should choose a few habits to focus on to build your willpower. It might be something as simple as emptying the wastebasket every day. It is good to do hard things. You can think of sportsplayers who have to overcome barriers and obstacles constantly to be able to compete.

One important virtue in will formation is constancy. A lot of us have the tendency to begin projects we never finish. This ends up killing our willpower and makes it very hard to achieve our goals. For spiritual life, for the life of a student, at work, in marriage… the will is always an important ingredient to find success.

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